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Class of 2021 VCE Results

After a second year of disturbed study and preparation for VCE, the students of St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar have achieved another year of wonderful VCE results gained in the toughest conditions by a truly resilient cohort of great people. In partnership and with the support of their dedicated teachers, they learnt more about themselves as … Continued

From the Head of Junior School – 5 November 2020

The recent spring weather has not only lifted our spirits but it has brought us warmer days, hayfever for some, beautiful roses and flowers in bloom in the school grounds and it reminds us that the end of the year is nigh. There has been a lot happening in the Junior School. Preparations have been … Continued

Cautiously Carefree!

I found myself having a moment over the weekend… the kind of moment that causes you to stop and reflect.  I was sitting at my favourite café for the first time in months, the sun was shining and my dog was on my lap and my partner sitting across the table from me.  It felt … Continued

A Meditation on Connection

Over the past few days I have, like many teachers and other school leaders, farewelled the Class of 2020, in this case, a group of respectful, kind, funny and service-oriented young men who had one of the most challenging final years as a cohort imaginable. They were farewelled fondly by their teachers and they then … Continued

What’s Your Personal Mantra?

My mother had this line she repeated over and over when I was growing up and letting little things bother me… In the whole scheme of life, it really doesn’t matter. At the time, it drove me nuts.  I felt it was the most unempathetic response to what seemed like very real teenage tragedies like … Continued

How Are You Talking To Yourself?

In our last article on turning around difficult situations, we touched on the important concept of self-talk. Self-talk, or internal dialogue, represents the words we tell ourselves quietly as we move through life and just like the words spoken to us by the people around us, they have power and resonance.  Young people and adults … Continued

How To Turn A Bad Situation Around

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that are less than desirable – Hamlet called them the “slings and arrow of outrageous fortune”.  Like Hamlet – sometimes these situations are of our own devising, and at other times the challenges that face us come from external sources and are outside of our control. Equally as frustrating … Continued

From the Head of Junior School – 19 October

It is a very long time since I have been able to write to the community via Campus News and it is a good feeling. Welcoming the ELC children back to campus on Monday 5 October and Prep to Year 6 children on Monday 12 October was pure joy and they have all assimilated back … Continued

How To Master Your Habits For Success!

Have you got a bad habit you are keen to break?  Need a few tips to “hack” yourself and the reasons we give ourselves for not doing things we know we are going to benefit from? Let’s face it – doing the right thing is an effort sometimes, and starting a new health kick or … Continued

How to Make the Most of the Loosening of Restrictions

Nowadays, when I talk to people about lockdown restrictions, the conversations take a decidedly exhausted turn.  Although we all support each other and realise that this strategy has led to great results – nearly 11 weeks in lockdown is taking its toll on our Mental Health.  And rightly so – it has made it harder … Continued

Why Do We Escape to Nature?

The wind in my hair, fresh air all around and time with my dog… I do enjoy starting my day with a walk.  A little bit of exercise helps me wake up, and helps me feel like the day begins with doing something good for myself, and taking something off my list of things to … Continued

Courage and Determination

Covid19 has brought us many challenges this year, and at Berwick Grammar we have used our wellbeing themes to start conversations about the kind of habits, mindsets and tools we can use to bolster our wellbeing during periods of challenge. In Term 2, we embraced Humour as a way to lighten the difficult load, sharing … Continued

A Focus on Mental Health

“Isolation has really been tough on Mental Health, and has strained many.. and so for that reason we would like to try and make the next couple of weeks a bit easier by putting an emphasis on Mental Health.  This just so happens to coincide with World Mental Health Week which starts on Monday” – … Continued

Many Ways to be Mindful!

We have talked a lot about the need for mindfulness on The Wellbeing Hive, encouraging our community to take time to be mindful every day – it is one of our daily habits we have been promoting.  We also recently wrote about the benefits of quiet – on the brain and on your wellbeing.  There … Continued

Supporting Your Child’s Return to School Again

The recent announcements from the State government gave us all the certainty we have been looking for in regards to students returning to school. Although I would argue we have all learnt many important lessons during the pandemic, the important role schools play in the lives of our children has never been clearer.  Schools are … Continued

The Social Dilemma

Like many of you no doubt, I watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix recently – and it tied in well with many of our recent Wellbeing Hive articles that addressed issues around technology, including one on gaming and one on the constant distraction our phones provide. But while both of these articles look at the … Continued

In A World of Distraction, Why Do We Need Quiet?

Of all the challenges of lockdown, the lack of quiet has been the greatest for me.  As an introvert who enjoys quiet pursuits like reading, a noisy household and constant input and work on my computer has driven me mildly insane.  My personal need for quiet and times without constant input has been one of … Continued

Understanding Your Child’s Gaming

Please note that much of the good advice in this article is informed by Manoush Zomorodi’s book, Bored and Brilliant.   A recent article we published looked at bad habits, including spending too much time gaming – which met a need for status and accomplishment – a genuine human need.  It referenced the work on … Continued

Confronting Our Negativity Bias

Recently I made a post on LinkedIn that sparked a lot of conversation – and serious debate. Many people took me up on the content of the post. But I was just referencing a known fact from science, and in fact quoting Dr Paige Williams’ book AntiFragile Leadership – because I thought it was a … Continued

Managing The Constant Distraction…

It is a difficult year to be in Year 12 – and we have covered this from many angles on the Wellbeing Hive, including dealing with uncertainty, and with the many rites of passage these students have missed out on. But how about the challenges of studying at home?  Our Year 12 Students have been … Continued

Holidays in Lockdown

I have to admit that last Sunday was a difficult day.  I’d finished all my work the day before, so it should have been a good day to relax and spend time with family… but all day I found it hard to get motivated. I was tired and wanted to sleep.  I couldn’t decide what … Continued

What Do Our Girls Need Right Now?

Connection looks and sounds different for every girl, depending on their personality, interests and values (among many other factors); however, we know that effective connection occurs when they feel supported, encouraged and have a sense of meaning and purpose. What we also know is that some personalities need social connection more frequently than others; the … Continued

Fear as a Sign You Care?

On our screen free day recently, I promised my students I would spend some time reading a book I had seen recommended over and over again – The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.  Pressfield is a writer who wants to encourage other artists of all kinds to do what it takes to be successful … Continued

Can You Make Friends With Negative Emotions?

There are many articles in this Wellbeing Hive about the challenges posed to us by COVID19, and the possible strategies to combat them – and here is another one! Recently, I had the pleasure of listening to Dr Adam Fraser speak – Dr Fraser is a Human Performance Researcher who assists groups and individuals to … Continued


This week we mark RU OK Day – and I would argue that this has never been more important than it is this year – when so many of us have been challenged by the Coronavirus – the lockdowns, the economic struggles, the sense of uncertainty and more.  While there are certainly some who are … Continued

Keys To Happiness?

I was privileged enough to listen to a presentation by prominent Australian Psychologist Hugh Mackay last week, discussing the keys to happiness in life – something I think we could all take a little bit of heart from hearing about right now. As we continue to navigate this lockdown world, I often talk about how … Continued

Get Inspired!

It is important to regularly offer students a screen free day – as we know that learning online presents different kinds of demands to face-to-face learning, and simple things like eye strain and staying seated in one room indoors mean that a break in this routine can benefit everyone. For the upcoming screen-free day at … Continued

Let’s Not Throw It All Away…

A few nights ago, I built my very first piece of Lego (pictured) – admittedly it was aimed at around ten-year-olds, but hey! I figure I have to start somewhere. And do you know what? I really enjoyed it. I am now adding enjoying Lego to the list of surprising things I have found out … Continued

What Does ‘Essential’ Mean Anyway?

Whilst working from home, I am trying to use many of my scheduled breaks for physical activity and getting into the fresh air.  I have recently invested in a bike to ride in the local area… and it was on one of these admittedly still wobbly rides recently that I was able to notice just … Continued